Wednesday – March 22

Today is the day for the other One Acts. I wish I could’ve gone but I’m too busy working on the outline. We got an extension for the due date which I’m very thankful for. I’m not very confident in my abilities with the process in research papers. I was stressing out so much because of this outline, I’m dreading the actual paper.

Monday – March 20

The One Acts ended up going amazingly! There were many bumps in the road along the way, but it came out in the end. Alexis had even regained her voice by today so she could perform!

During the performance, set crew had set one of the sets entirely wrong, but we were in the audience so we couldn’t do anything about it. Thankfully the actors just went with it. There was also a moment where an actor messed up their entrance so there was one more actor on stage than there should have been. The actors handled that well, too. 

There were many tears shed by the end of the performance by both Emma and me. I’m so proud of all of my actors, and all of crew. They did such an amazing job and I couldn’t have asked for a better cast.

Friday – March 17

The first day of this project was the tech day for Monday’s one acts. That included the one that Emma and I wrote. The tech started off not too stressful. Everyone was listening and singing along to “Heathers” so it was a fun distraction. It felt like it was just downhill from there.

One of our actors did not follow our directions to stay through, and only showed up last second for our tech. That was quite stressful. As was trying to have set crew understand where we wanted the set pieces to be, and hoping that they would end up there every time. Alexis, our lead, lost her voice and couldn’t perform that day so CharLee had to fill in for her, fully prepared to have to fill in for the actual show.

Things finally came together, and it was awesome working alongside Emma. The other one acts were amazing as well.

Saturday – March 18

I had guard practice today. We got new blocking and cleaned a bunch of work. I’m really proud of how far our guard has come. We are working with a difficult instrumental song that changes tempo, so counting doesn’t always work, even though counting is a fundamental part of color guard. Its a lot of strenuous work, and the “asthma squad” may die every time we do a run of the show, but I still love what we do.